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Universidad de Santiago to host EDUTEC international conference on educational technologies

  • Between November 08th and 10th, Chile will host the 20th EDUTEC Conference 2017. The activity will gather renowned specialists in educational technologies from Spain and Latin America. 


Dr Stephen Kemmis visited Universidad de Santiago

  • Dr Stephen Kemmis, Emeritus Professor at the Charles Sturt University of Australia and researcher at the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education at that university, visited Universidad de Santiago de Chile. He met with President Juan Manuel Zolezzi and participated in different activities organized by the Department of Education.


Educational attainment reduces maternal mortality

  • Damian Clarke, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Administration and Economics of Universidad de Santiago de Chile, together with Sonia Bhalotra, Professor of Economics at the University of Essex, conducted a study that relates maternal mortality to education.



Representative of the OECD and President Zolezzi agree on the need to design long-term education policies

  • Richard Yelland, Head of the Policy Advice and Implementation Division in the Directorate for Education and Skills at the OECD, met with different members of Universidad de Santiago’s community, authorities and President Juan Manuel Zolezzi Cid.

National Award recipient reiterated the importance of education in favor of a fairer and more caring society

  • In a presentation given at Universidad de Santiago a few days ago, Iván Núñez Prieto, recipient of the National Award of Education 2015, emphasized that he still shares “the utopia” that education contributes to “build a fairer and more caring society, regardless of the fact that it may be a difficult task that requires many years, and maybe, there have been some mistakes in viewing the difficulties at its implementation.” The renowned researcher and state professor of History, Geography and Civic Education addressed these issues in his presentatio

Researcher gave presentations in Italy and Spain on the progress of her study about school socioeconomic segregation

  • In order to have feedback from her European peers, Claudia Córdoba, professor at the Department of Education of Universidad de Santiago, presented the progress of her study “Analysis of the school socioeconomic segregation in primary education” (Fondecyt Initiation Project 11130149) at Universitá degli Studi di Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) and at the Complutense University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain).

International experts share experiences with directors of technical vocational schools managed by Universidad de Santiago

  • The participants evaluated the meeting very positively, as it provided constant feedback and the possibility to learn about new teaching methodologies from concrete experiences in the Centre for Vocational Training Tknika, in Spain. Tknika is well positioned and has a long experience in the field of technical vocational training.

President Zolezzi visited colleges and technical institutes in USA to replicate their experience in Chile

  • The delegation, led by the Head of the Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Francisco Martínez Concha, sought to learn from experiences in situ to implement and operate the 15 state Technical Training Centres that the Government is promoting in the context of the Education Reform.
  • The agenda included visits to Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Trade- Technical College and Berkeley City College, among others, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, USA.

Universidad de Santiago signs Latin American agreement that advocates for “a sustained path to free education”

  • The president of Universidad de Santiago, Dr. Juan Manuel Zolezzi, signed the “Declaration of Santiago” (Declaración de Santiago, in Spanish), a landmark after three days of discussions and debates on the role of state universities. The “Latin American State Universities Conference” gathered together presidents and representatives of the main universities of the Region.

Universidad de Santiago’s leading role in educational inclusion and equity highlighted at congress

  • The First Higher Education Inclusion Congress at our University gathered together international experts in this field, calling the attention of representatives of different universities, like professor and Co-director of the Center for Urban Education at the University of Southern California, Estela Mara Bensimon, who valued the “courage” that Universidad de Santiago de Chile has had to drive “transforming and exemplary” initiatives as the Propedéutico Program and the Grade Ranking, among others.