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Universidad de Santiago participated in the Open EUREKA Innovation Week 2017

  • Dr Luis Magne, the director of the Department of Technology Management of the Vice Presidency of Research, Development and Innovation, represented Universidad de Santiago de Chile at the Open Eureka Innovation 2017. This activity allows companies in Chile and in six European countries of the Eureka Network to apply for competitive funds to support industrial research and development.

Plant biostimulant and fertilizer developed by students at Universidad de Santiago succeeds in the international market

  • After the success of Nutrisato- an innovative natural fertilizer that increases by 50% the size of fruits, vegetables and plants- in the international market, its creators opened an agricultural additives company.



Academics will visit renowned foreign universities in the context of the Nueva Ingeniería 2030 Project

  • The Nueva Ingeniería 2030 Project organized a contest in which 21 academics were selected to visit foreign institutions focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.



The Faculty of Engineering of Universidad de Santiago and the International Partnerships Program of the Nueva Ingeniería 2030 Project organized a contest to select academics who will visit renowned foreign universities with the purpose of consolidating, broadening and building links between the faculty and those institutions.

Student entrepreneurs get trained at Silicon Valley

  • The five winners of the first version of the Despega USACH contest organized by the Department of Technology Management had an intense work period at the Stanford Research Institute International (SRI), in Menlo Park, California, USA. The purpose of this contest is to promote science- and-technology-based innovation among students at Universidad de Santiago.