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Faculty of Engineering celebrates its 100 years

According to Dean Juan Carlos Espinoza, it is essential “to understand that Engineering projects not only generate wealth but a series of impacts that can affect the well-being of the population either positively or negatively.”


The Faculty of Engineering of Universidad de Santiago celebrated its 100th anniversary with a ceremony at the Salón de Honor Hall. The anniversary coincides with a moment when the faculty has set itself the primary goal of becoming one of the 50 best faculties in this field at an international level. 

Technological Faculty will have a new building by the end of 2017

  • During the ceremony to celebrate 47th anniversary of the Faculty, the Dean Gumercindo Vilca said that the new building will be completed next year. The facilities will cover 2,500 m2 and will contain state-of-the-art equipment. 



Underground mining project for Chuquicamata poses new challenges for University’s future engineers

  • At a seminar organized by the Faculty of Engineering, representatives of the state mining company talked about the implications of the new underground mining project for Chuquicamata, that will bring new challenges and will require operators and professionals to develop new competences.

OAS highlights Technological Faculty’s contribution to organizational innovation

  • The study in collaboration with Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana of Colombia and the Colegio de la Frontera Norte of Mexico intends to identify in the corresponding countries the barriers that companies face at incorporating innovation as part of their organizational culture.

Faculty of Engineering starts project to promote innovation in SMEs

The initiative driven by the Center for Engineering and Society Integration of the Faculty of Engineering seeks to transfer innovation processes and establish entrepreneurial competences in 10 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the Metropolitan Region. According to the dean of the Faculty, Juan Carlos Espinoza, this project is a great opportunity to build links with small companies.

Researchers from Faculty of Chemistry and Biology honored at Congress of European Microbiologists

  • Dr. Renato Chávez and biochemists Luis Figueroa and Javiera Norambuena were honored at the 5th Congress of European Microbiologists, in Leipzig (Germany) for their research on bioactive compounds from Antarctic marine sponges, which present a high microbial, antitumor and antioxidant activity.

The work of the Packaging Laboratory at the University is acknowledged by International Plastics Fair

  • Laboratorio Laben Chile from the University’s Technological Faculty was acknowledged for its ongoing support to the sustainability of the sector. The 2013 FullPlast Plastics Fair, organized by Asociación Gremial de Industriales del Plástico and Fisa, took place on July 24th, 25th and 26th at Espacio Riesco and brought together the most important national and international companies in the plastics industry.