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Outreach and engagement: Universidad de Santiago’s diploma course considered an international example and “success” in regional conference

  •  In the Fifth Regional Conference of the Latin American and European Continuing Education Network, the Diploma Course on Education for Sustainable Development of Universidad de Santiago was recognized as an example for universities in Latin America and Spain. In Uruguay, professor Santiago Peredo, alternate director of the University Social Responsibility Program gave a presentation on this successful, free and inclusive program before representatives of the 56 institutions that form the Network.


Second International Conference on USR will show the best experiences in Chile and Latin America

  • Universidad de Santiago has invited academics, professionals, students and everyone interested in University Social Responsibility (USR) matters to the new version of the Conference that will be opened on January 13th, 2015. The activity will gather experts from countries like Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala and Chile with the purpose of analyzing the impact of USR policies since their implementation.


University promotes sustainability and energy efficiency in campus

  • In order to meet the goals set by Universidad de Santiago in the context of the “Sustainable Campus” Clean Production Agreement, the University Social Responsibility program developed the first training workshop on this matter, oriented to students, academics and administrative staff.