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Sello Editorial


The Editorial Department is celebrating its 25th anniversary

  • The Editorial Department of Universidad de Santiago is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since it was established in 1993, this department had never been located inside the University campus.

On January 12th, the Editorial Department of Universidad de Santiago celebrated its 25th anniversary. This department was established under the Presidency of Eduardo Morales Santos, the first President after the return of democracy in Chile and from then it has become an important channel for book publishing.

Historical Register: Universidad de Santiago press records 165 publications

  • To take part in the commemoration of Universidad de Santiago’s anniversary, the Sello Editorial Usach registered 165 publications up to July this year. The catalogue includes editions of the highest level that cover all areas of knowledge. Besides reflecting the scientific and literary work done at the University, the publications are an effective contribution to society in general.