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Universidad de Santiago signs agreements for advanced technology cooperation with Russian universities

  • On November 09th, the “Workshop of Russian Advanced Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean” was held at Universidad de Santiago, an activity focused on providing a space for discussion on the development of Russian and Latin American technologies and promoting technology companies and products from that country.


Universidad de Santiago to host EDUTEC international conference on educational technologies

  • Between November 08th and 10th, Chile will host the 20th EDUTEC Conference 2017. The activity will gather renowned specialists in educational technologies from Spain and Latin America. 


Artificial intelligence robot to contribute to agriculture in Chile

  • Dr Claudio Urrea, a specialist in robotics, has designed an intelligent device that is able to move autonomously through crops in order to perform different prevention and care tasks. 


Unprecedented model of cyber security to combat new malicious software

  • The purpose of the study conducted by Juan Fernando Mejía Calle, who graduated from a M.A. program of Universidad de Santiago, is that companies are able to automatically identify features in sophisticated files that are not recognized by common antivirus software. In this way, it will possible to manage the problem step by step and take remedial actions to be better prepared in the future.



Researcher at Universidad de Santiago presented innovative technology at the Expo Milano 2015

  • Dr Laura Almendares Calderón, professor at the Technological Faculty of Universidad de Santiago, presented her study “Development of a technology to replace prickly pear skin with a peel to keep the physiological, microbiological and organoleptic properties of the fresh fruit” at the Expo Milano 2015 (Italy). Dr Almendares presented the innovation in an activity devoted to the best sustainable development practices for food security.


Information and Communication Technologies are crucial to doctors and health workers

  •   Dr Astrid Oddershede, researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Universidad de Santiago, studied how these technologies work in public and private hospitals and the importance they have for the different agents involved. “We found that the use of ICT is essential for clinical service staff, that is to say, doctors and nurses, as most of them felt that quick and efficient information helped them to have a best performance at work,” she said.


Study collects information regarding the impact of electromagnetic technologies on human health

  • A research team of the Technological Faculty of Universidad de Santiago, led by Dr. Arturo Rodríguez, conducted a study on the perception of Chilean people with regards to the use of electromagnetic technologies and their effect on human health. According to the survey conducted, among 1,100 people in the Metropolitan Region, although 87.4 per cent think that these tools are harmful to health, 92 per cent would not stop using them.