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Alberto Mayol presents his book about the Nueva Mayoría pact on U. de Santiago radio station

  • The sociologist and academic at Universidad de Santiago reflects upon how the Nueva Mayoría pact’s nature – considered by him as a merely pragmatic pact- does not make possible to implement the required structural changes that not even the Concertación pact was able to make before. 

Experience at Universidad de Santiago becomes a public policy

  • President Bachelet made public a new government’s initiative in favor of education: it is the Programa de Acompañamiento y Acceso Efectivo para la Educación Superior (PACE), which goal is to help the most vulnerable students in Chile improve higher education access, just as Universidad de Santiago has been doing since 1992.

President Zolezzi describes criticism of Higher Education draft bill as “alarming and disproportionate”

  • Dr. Juan Manuel Zolezzi, Vice President of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (Cruch, in Spanish) and Universidad de Santiago’s highest authority, remarked that criticism of the government proposal to appoint an intervention agent when a university commits a serious infringement, “is not justified if the bill´s content is analyzed in a less ideological and more objective way.” He expressed these ideas while he was participating in a special session held by the Chamber of Deputies’ Education Commission, to which he was invited. On the occasion, Dr.